Jason Kibbey

Chief Executive Officer

“It’s a rare moment in your life where you get to work on something that has the potential to change things at a planetary level. It’s a humbling privilege.”

Jason Kibbey is the CEO of Higg, a technology platform that helps consumer goods companies measure and improve the sustainability of their value chain. Jason has had a successful career as an entrepreneur and leader in the environmental and social impact sectors. He was the founding CEO of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) where he and his team worked to reduce the environmental and social impacts of the global apparel and footwear sector. Under Jason’s leadership, the Higg Index was created and launched, providing a scalable and unified framework for consistency and comparability in industry-level sustainability measurement.

Jason started his career at Bain & Company, where he worked on turnaround and product strategies for technology companies. He then moved to Patagonia, where he worked on environmental campaigns and later served as co-founder and interim Executive Director of Freedom to Roam, a non-profit initiative that brings together people, organizations, and businesses to enhance and protect wildlife corridors and landscape connectivity in North America. Prior to the SAC, Jason co-founded PACT Apparel, combining design, sustainability, and philanthropy.

Jason graduated from the University of California (UC) Berkeley with a BS in Environmental Economics and Policy and BA in Religious Studies, and received his MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

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