Subscriptions to help you accelerate impact

Higg brings brands and retailers value at every stage of the sustainability journey. 

Excellence in sustainability data

50,000+ suppliers submit annual, verified sustainability data to our platform, making Higg the most widely used and trusted source of consumer goods industry data.

Align with the industry standard

To calculate impact, Higg uses methodologies built from some of the foremost innovators in sustainability, as well as some of the largest brands and retailers in the industry.

Innovate at every step in your value chain

Get access to our suite of tools that help you take a full value chain approach to impact management – track carbon, water, energy, social, labor impacts, and more. 

Prepare for ESG policy & compliance

Collect primary, accredited data that can be plugged into multiple regulatory frameworks, and rolled up into your annual impact report.


Subscription tiers

Our sustainability assessment bundles bring value to brands and retailers, globally.

Each subscription includes our full suite of tools,
built on the Higg Index.

Gather consistent, primary data across your entire manufacturing base. These assessments measure everything from carbon and water, to worker wages and safety.

Understand impact across your company operations (transportation, offices, and retail centers) as well as with your own brand partners.

Our streamlined LCA methodology helps you build a comprehensive view of your products’ environmental footprint of your products – from materials to production to end-of-use.

Prepare for ESG policy & compliance

Across the globe, brands and retailers use Higg data to inform their performance reports.

“…Target also uses the Higg FEM verification process to hold Tier 2 apparel textile suppliers accountable, to ensure compliance and to promote excellent environmental performance within our supply chain…”

Data that scales and configures with you

With our APIs, your sustainability data is easily configurable and integrates with your work streams. Automatically pull supplier or product impact data into your proprietary platforms – our data works seamlessly to help you identify areas to improve and meet your sustainability goals. 

Our growing API ecosystem:

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