Sustainability starts with your products

Higg Product Design Tools deliver environmental impact data across the entire product lifecycle: from materials to production to end-of-use.

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Comprehensive product insights for
performance improvement

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Know the full impact of a product within minutes.

Higg Product Design Tools deliver deeper product insights faster than traditional LCA tools. Higg is the only software platform of its kind to measure environmental impact across the full lifecycle of a product – for a range of goods including clothing, footwear, furniture, and more.

Quantify impact across 5 crucial performance indicators:

  • Global Warming
  • Fossil Fuel Use
  • Water Quality
  • Water Use
  • Chemical Use

With a complete picture of a product’s footprint, you can find new opportunities to reduce impact – and accurately demonstrate improvement to customers, stakeholders, and business partners.

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Product benefits

Rich materials data
Understand the costs, benefits, and tradeoffs of different materials – for instance, a recycled fiber to its conventional counterpart.

Faster time to insights
Designed for efficiency, Higg Product Design Tools deliver deeper insights within minutes – faster than other LCA tools. 

Customized workflows
Extend the functionality of your PLM software with APIs that integrate Higg data directly into your preferred systems.

Our customers

“We can see where we are doing well and where our largest impacts are, so we can make improvements. As we move MATE the Label towards a more circular business model, the Product Design Tools will help us gain deeper visibility into our supply chain impacts with data we know we can rely on.”

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See the product tools in action.

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