Sedex to feature Higg environmental assessment for facilities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – Technology company Higg and responsible sourcing organization Sedex today announced a new partnership that expands access to the Higg facility environmental assessment to Sedex members. The companies will also begin exploring ways to make social and environmental data easier to share between the platforms, streamlining supply chain communications between suppliers and their buying organizations. This new collaboration aims to broaden global due diligence efforts across industries and strengthen communications and transparency between supply chain partners.

“We believe that this joint effort will provide companies with greater supply chain transparency, allow them to share solutions to industry-wide challenges, and reduce audit fatigue to better direct resources to improve labor and environmental conditions,” says Claudia Sandoval, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship at Gildan, a Sedex member.

“Sedex is a trusted leader in sustainability management across more than thirty industries around the world,” says Jason Kibbey, Higg CEO. “This partnership introduces Higg data to Sedex members and creates new ways for environmental
and social sustainability data to flow across platforms. We are eager to provide Higg users and Sedex members with a more seamless experience and help businesses streamline how they manage sustainability assessments.”

The goal of the partnership is to create one of the largest supply chain platform integrations to date, representing social and environmental sustainability assessments in more than 180 countries and improving supply chain transparency for businesses globally.

“I am excited Sedex is partnering with Higg, a global leader in the environmental assessment of supply chains. We are pleased to enable our members and Higg users to share social and environmental sustainability data across platforms, improving how they collaborate and communicate with supply chain partners,” says Simon McCalla, Sedex CEO. “The partnership will strengthen the integration of social and environmental sustainability data, which is greatly needed to tackle issues that affect working conditions and the environment in supply chains.”

The Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM), whose methodology is developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), has quickly become a standardized industry tool that empowers brands, retailers, and manufacturers in the apparel and footwear industry to identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvements.

Higg and Sedex are together committed to reducing audit fatigue; a common result of repetitive, duplicative assessments completed by suppliers at the request of buyers.

Both organizations support unification of sustainability metrics at a global scale and increased supply chain transparency. This partnership helps bring that vision a step closer to reality.

About Higg
Higg is a technology company formed to deliver and support unified sustainability performance management tools for consumer goods industries, beginning with the apparel, footwear, and textile sector. Higg offers a comprehensive supply chain measurement and improvement system and supports implementation of the Higg Index, with sustainability software that provides powerful insight into supply chain sustainability impact. The Higg Environmental Assessment is an industry-leading impact tool to help drive results. Higg offers the only end-to-end value chain sustainability performance framework available, enabling businesses to make meaningful improvements that protect the environment, people and communities. Higg is a Public Benefit LLC.

About Sedex

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade organizations that empowers companies to implement responsible business practices and policies to build a responsible business and supply chain. Sedex provides businesses with the practical tools, technology and guidance needed to operate ethically, source responsibly and work with suppliers to create fair working conditions for the people who make their products and services.

Formed in the UK in 2004, Sedex operates six offices from Santiago to Sydney to support over 60,000 member businesses in 180 countries. Sedex provides a wide range of supply chain due diligence tools, including the leading social audit methodology SMETA and the world’s largest ethical data exchange platform. Members use Sedex to manage business risk, meet compliance and drive positive impacts for people and the environment.

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