Higg partners with leading organizations enabling environmental and social change. 

Sharing data and connecting systems is central to accelerating progress on behalf of our planet.


Our partnerships unify, improve, and scale sustainability performance measurement using new technologies and sources of data, allowing brands to advance product traceability and industry transparency.

They help bring together complementary data and technical capabilities, reach new markets and users, and provide value-added services for customers.

Data & Platform Innovation

Scale Platform

Enable Customer

Partner Network

From NGO’s to data and technology service providers, our partner network is diverse. We work with these leaders to connect disparate parts of the value chain and take a holistic approach to advancing climate and social equity. Higg brings together solutions, streamlining sustainability decision making across the value chain.

Partnerships categories include Data and Technology IntegrationTraining, Consulting, and Capacity-Building; NGO’s; Trade Groups; and Membership and Academic Organizations.

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What We Offer Partners


No single platform has perfect visibility into a product or organization’s supply chain impacts – yet together we have the opportunity to drive measurable social and environmental impact.


As more organizations embrace measurement and transparency, demands for high-quality data and supporting technology will create a virtuous cycle of adoption and growth for all partners in the ecosystem.


Provide integration points across various environmental and social platforms and data sets.


Increase awareness of your platform and data with thousands of brands, retailers, and facilities across Higg’s customer and partner ecosystem.

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