Across each step of the supply chain, Higg enables millions of more sustainable decisions for our customers – including brands, retailers, and manufacturers of all kinds and sizes. 


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Our Progress

Together, Higg users are accelerating sustainability progress across the globe.  From our inaugural impact report, learn why brands and facilities that use Higg are proving to be well poised to address the climate crisis. 

Case Studies

Target Hi Res

How Target uses Higg to change their environmental standards

Sandra Durrant, Target’s Director of Sustainable Sourcing, shares how the company uses the Higg Index to assess environmental performance in its supply chain and promote sustainability.

Japanese Manufacturer uses Higg Sustainability Data to Discover Textile-Level Insights

Treadler logo

Treadler Future-Proofs the Fashion Industry

Retailer Zalando Uses Higg to Unlock Data Sharing With Brands, Achieving End-to-End Visibility

Hirdaramani Reduces Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Sri Lanka with Higg

Pratibha Syntex Works Towards 30% Emissions Reduction Using Higg Insights

Prosperity Textiles Achieves 17% Water Savings With Data-Driven Overhaul

Toray Contributes Low-Environmental Impact Textile Data to Higg MSI, Expanding Industry Knowledge

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