Higg Co is used around the globe to improve value chain impact.


Countries using Higg Co


Facilities using Higg Co


Modules shared between facilities in 2019


Average improved Facility Environmental Module score from 2017-2018


Active Higg Co users, up from 6K in 2014


Increase in number of verified Facilities Environmental Modules used from 2017- 2018

Case Studies

Target Hi Res

How Target uses Higg to change their environmental standards

Sandra Durrant, Target’s Director of Sustainable Sourcing, shares how the company uses the Higg Index to assess environmental performance in its supply chain and promote sustainability.

Brooks uses Higg Co to reveal strategic changes they can make to their footwear products, for positive impact on runner and environment

Toray contributes data to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index to promote high-impact decisions in apparel materials

The University of Delaware’s Fashion & Apparel Studies Department uses Higg Co to teach future apparel workers the best practices for sustainability standards

Prosperity Textiles in China uses Higg Co to overhaul water recycling program with chemical management, wastewater, and water use projects

Hirdaramani Reduced Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Sri Lanka with Higg Co

Pratibha Syntex Facilities Use Higg Co to Reduce Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in India

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