Higg: The Sustainability Insights Platform

Higg is an integrated software platform that helps you take responsibility for your business’ entire impact – from materials to products, from factories to stores, across energy, waste, water, and working conditions.

A universe of data for a better world

Our comprehensive network of primary impact data gathers and organizes the information you need to make each step of your supply chain more sustainable.

Higg is the exclusive licensee of the Higg Index, the industry-leading supply chain measurement methodology developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Turn measurement into performance

Want to understand which supplier produces the fewest emissions? Need to find a fiber that consumes less water? Want to quantify the cradle-to-gate impact of a new product? 

Higg provides the comprehensive intelligence needed to move from insights to action. 

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Higg is used by brands, retailers, and manufacturers across the globe: from large retailers to independent brands, from suppliers in India to mills in Portugal.

Our platform enables each to assess the impact of their choices – and to share that data with partners, NGOs, and customers as part of their overall sustainability strategies.

Sustainability is no longer optional.


Consumers who’d switch from their preferred brand for a more environmentally and socially friendly.


In upside for the world economy, if the apparel & footwear industry make more sustainable choices.


Shortfall in supply and demand of water by 2030.

“As we work towards climate-positive, Higg will be the main tool to help us track our reduction targets"
Katie Pryce, Sustainability Manager, New Look

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“It was easy to select Higg. Our customers were asking us to report our data using the platform, so we knew joining would not only help us manage ESG impact, but also streamline communication to clients..."
Furqan Ullah Mir, Sustainability Manager, Al-Karam Textile Mills

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"Higg is at the forefront of measuring textiles and apparel. They helped us measure performance for some of our most complex proprietary fabrics in a way that other LCA tools wouldn’t be able to."
McKenzie Everett, Apparel Developer, Pearl iZumi

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"Our key clients from Europe and the US all use Higg’s platform to understand our impact. Based on how we perform, we all work collaboratively to set new strategies to improve for the next year. Higg has helped us build strong relationships with our clients by demonstrating our transformation through data."
Raazia Anum, Sustainability Lead, Yunus Textile Mills

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“Our suppliers understand Higg, they know that it’s not an audit tool, and it’s a way to not only measure a current state, but also look at performance year over year.”
Sandra Durrant, Director of Responsible Sourcing, Target

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"Our company always prioritizes values that contribute to a healthy environment and a prosperous future..Higg makes us, and our industry, much more transparent.”
Yukihiro Shigemura, Head of Environmental Strategy and Supply Chain Management, Teijin Frontier

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“Consumers increasingly ask more questions about sustainability performance. The Higg BRM will provide us with the data we need to ultimately share brand-level information with consumers for them to make more sustainable choices. We are committed to working closely with our partner brands to continuously raise the bar on ethical standards."
Kate Heiny, Director Sustainability, Zalando

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"Using Higg enables us to incentivize and reward factories that showcase continuous progress and improvements. We have full visibility into their performance as well as challenges they face. Our suppliers and brand clients can see progress towards collective goals and be part of that journey together."
Hanna Hallin, Global Sustainability Manager, Treadler

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“Before the Higg MSI, there was no tool that had common life-cycle assessment criteria, methodology, and procedure specially created for the textile industry, and developed through global, industry-wide consensus. The Higg MSI is quite meaningful for the industry, because materials largely impact the sustainability of textile products.” ​
Hidenori Terai, General Manager - Fibers & Textiles Business Planning Department​, Toray

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“The Higg Index allowed our management to identify facilities that needed more investment or attention. Using the Higg Index helped us identify areas that we might normally have overlooked for improvement in energy and other environmental impact areas.”
Demith Gooneratne, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Hirdaramani Exports International

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“The Higg Index is helping us to identify the exact saving results of our impacts. By using the Higg Index, and with more peers joining forces, we can do better benchmarking to keep improving continuously.”
Andy Zhong, Marketing Director, Prosperity Textiles

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“[Setting energy and GHG reduction targets] will not only make Pratibha a more responsible business, but also make us more profitable in the long run. This will ensure our business as a whole is more sustainable and competitive.”
Mrinal Bose, Sustainability Manager, Pratibha Syntex Ltd

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