Hit the moving ESG target: watch our webinar on demand

Watch the on demand version of Hit the Moving ESG Target, a Higg webinar convening leaders from MATE the Label, Nudie Jeans, and Cotopaxi, that originally aired on Sept. 27, 2022. You’ll hear these sustainability pros explain their strategies to create carbon reduction initiatives, impact-driven cultures, and SBT’s that help measure success.

Get ESG results.
Hit the ESG target: Using data to prepare for the new era of carbon disclosure

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Get the ESG results and develop your strategy. Leaders in sustainability are bringing data to the forefront of their strategies. This ESG webinar will detail actionable ideas, insights, and honest conversation about the state of the industry. If you’re curious to learn more about the platform and team behind Higg, reach out today for more information on how to get your ESG results.

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Higg ESG webinar participants: Nudie jeans, MATE the label, Cotopaxi

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