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Retailer Zalando uses Higg to unlock data sharing with brands, achieving end-to-end visibility

Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion & lifestyle platform, isn’t afraid to make bold sustainability moves. Focused on responsible business practices and transparency, Zalando takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the fashion industry’s biggest challenges, from committing to carbon neutrality and using renewable energy to promoting positive corporate citizenship.

As its savvy customers become increasingly interested in the products they buy and how they are made, Zalando is using Higg data and insights to accelerate its sustainability initiatives even more. Higg data gives Zalando end-to-end visibility into its global supply chain. 

From materials sourcing to manufacturing, Zalando can work strategically with its brand partners to understand where they currently focus sustainability efforts and identify opportunities to scale successful approaches.

Assembling brand partner data

Last year, Zalando – a strategic partner of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition – became the first global retailer to require sustainability assessments from all of its brand partners on the basis of the Higg Brand & Retail Module (BRM). Zalando, its own brands, and all brands selling on the platform must report their social and environmental performance annually.

The Higg BRM helps brands and retailers to report on eleven environmental impact areas and sixteen social impact areas. Through Higg’s adoption services, Zalando’s brand partners receive the support they need to complete the BRM. The Higg platform facilitates the quick sharing of BRM data from hundreds of brands back to Zalando.

“Consumers increasingly ask more questions about sustainability performance. The Higg BRM will provide us with the data we need to ultimately share brand-level information with consumers for them to make more sustainable choices. We are committed to working closely with our partner brands to continuously raise the bar on ethical standards."
- Kate Heiny, Director of Sustainability

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