About Higg

We deliver tools and services that help consumer goods businesses accelerate transformation for a more sustainable future.

The Ecosystem

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Content Creators & Community Builders

A collective of sustainability standard-setters. With the combined knowledge of 250+ members, they build the Higg Index, the most comprehensive measurement of supply chain sustainability.

The Higg Index
Measurement System

A measurement system which is the summation of work of the SAC. Contains the content of what should be measured, accounted for, and considered in supply chain impact.

Technology Builders

The agile technology used to measure and systematically improve your supply chain impact. Higg has exclusive licensing use of the Higg Index.

Our Vision

We have only a decade to radically transform how humanity impacts the planet.

Yet today, no one can accurately measure the environmental and social impact of a given product – despite growing consumer demand for more sustainable choices. Without accurate measurement and full visibility into a product’s impact, we believe that the sustainable transformation industries need will remain impossible.

Higg is on a mission to change that. Bringing together decades of experience in sustainability, technology, and consumer goods, we’re building an accessible digital platform to enable brands, retailers, and manufacturers to accelerate individual and collective transformation.

Our Story

In 2009, Patagonia and Walmart formed the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a nonprofit industry association dedicated to collective solutions for reducing the environmental and social footprint of the apparel and footwear industries. A core focus of the SAC has been the development of the Higg Index, a suite of tools for the standardized measurement of supply chain sustainability. 

Higg was spun out of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in 2019 as a public-benefit technology company. As the the exclusive licensee of the Higg Index, Higg develops digital tools and resources to scale its adoption across the world. 

The Ecosystem

Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Community for Collective Action

250+ brands, retailers, and manufacturers developing solutions for a more sustainable industry


The Higg Index
Measurement System

A universal framework for accurately scoring and comparing a company or product’s sustainable impact


Technology Platform

The sustainability insights platform built on Higg Index methodologies

Our Team

Jason Kibbey

Chief Executive Officer

“It’s a rare moment in your life where you get to work on something that has the potential to change things at a planetary level. It’s a humbling privilege.”

Mimi Frusha

Chief Operating Officer

“We have a global crisis on our hands. Being part of Higg is how I contribute to what we all have ahead of us.”

John Armstrong

Chief Technical Officer

“The data and systems we deploy at Higg are critical tools in our sustainability evolution. Each and every day I am excited to be a part of that process.”

Adele Stafford

VP Client Services

“When the next generation asks me what I was doing in the midst of our climate crisis, Higg is an answer I can stand squarely behind.”

Del Hudson

VP Marketing & Communications​

“Change always requires vision, but complex change at scale also demands a common language. That’s what Higg is creating. I’ve never been more excited by an opportunity to help build the future we want.”

Josh Henretig

VP Global Partnerships
“The urgency and complexity of the climate crisis is simply too large for any single organization to solve alone. We need the collective action of partnership and the speed and scale of technology if we are going to reverse the harmful impacts of human activity on the environment.”

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